Realising Opportunity

A Port of Trust

The global port activity in 2021 has reached 1,555,676 tonnes. It increased compared to 2020 both in terms of tonnage and taxable volume of vessels

EExcluding the reception of armourstones used for the construction of the new breakwaters, which has logically decreased this year (lprovisional flows), the growth in tonnage rises to + 8.20%. This figure is the most representative of the port activity since it focuses on the most regular traffics. Excluding armourstones but also excluding cereals, whose exports are always uncertain, the increase is + 12.1%.

EDry bulk grew by +31%. The resume of industrial production as well as the dynamics induced by the construction of the new deep-sea infrastructure port were ery beneficial to the tonnages operated. New traffic has been acquired and the credibility of the SEMOP’s development project gives shippers a strong confidence to take a stand in Port-la Nouvelle.

ELiquid bulk also strengthened with tonnage up +8.32%.

Key Figures

B200 vessels operated per year.

B15th continental French port (out of about 30 metropolitan ports)

B1600 direct, indirect and induced jobs

Traffic 2021

BLiquid bulk : 1 116 531 tonnes

BCereals : 149 970 tonnes
BDry bulk and breakbulk : 289 175 tonnes
BTotal : 1 555 676 tonnes

ECereals are down compared to 2020 (-18%). In France, the poor maize harvest has caused a shift in demand for wheat, whose production has itself fallen as a result of heavy rains during flowering. Internationally, heat domes have sharply reduced the production from Canada, the Black Sea and Italy. The world deficit on durum wheat has been estimated at 2 million tonnes. This situation was unfavourable to the Commercial Port due to a lack of volumes to export.