Realising opportunity

Between Europe and Mediterranean

EThe port of Port- La Nouvelle generates maritime activities with about thirty countries from Europe, the Mediterranean Rim, the West Coast of Africa. It represents about 30 countries regularly trading with the port. This influence will increase with the future deep-sea port. Thanks to better nautical conditions, improved admissible draft and capacity to operate larger vessels, the port will soon develop its relation with other continents.

Petroleum products are distributed throughout the Occitanie region as well as in Andorra. Cereals and agricultural products come mainly from Occitanie (Lauragais) and more generally from the south of France. Dry bulk commodities and raw materials used by industries are delivered over a wider geographical area extending the Hinterland from Port-La Nouvelle to central France, the Rhone Valley and the North-East regions. Some flows from Spain also pass through the port.

EPort-La Nouvelle is directly located on the European Freight Corridor n° 6 which runs from the south of Spain (Algeciras and Almeria), crosses France through Occitanie coast line (Port-La Nouvelle) and goes to the Rhône valley, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and arrives in Ukraine.

The port can also easily reach the European Corridor n° 4 (Atlantic Corridor), going from southern Germany (Mannheim) to Portugal (Lisboa and Porto) as well the Corridor n° 2 going from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Road distribution

EAccess to the A9 motorway going from Spain to the Rhône is 10 minutes from the port. It connects the A61 to Toulouse, the A75 to Clermont-Ferrand, the A7 to Lyon and Switzerland and the A7/A6 to Italy.

On June 19th 2018, the Spanish Government has announced the free AP7 motorway linking the French border to Barcelona with the intention of extending the gratuity to Valencia. The measure is effective up to the South of Barcelona since September 1st, 2021.

Rail distribution

The Port integrates a rail network that allows rapid and efficient distribution of maritime flows passing through its terminals. The Regional Council of OCCITANIE is the owner of this network since July 1st, 2018. For efficient service, the Region has delegated its management to an external operator in charge of manging the rail traffic on the port area and maintaining the tracks in excellent conditions. This operator nominated is the “Groupement Délégué Infrastructure Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée Group” (GDIOPM) composed of SOCORAIL (leader of the consortium) and SOMARAIL. This delegation contract runs until 30 June 2028.

In order to make train distribution more reliable, to better irrigate the territory and to increase the capacity of rail distribution, the Region is also involved with SNCF- RESEAU in the renovation of the national rail network in OCCITANIE, modernization of infrastructure, renovation of tracks, securing of level crossings, etc.

The actions initiated by the OCCITANIE Region in favour of the energy transition, of course, include the railway mode. The development of multimodal platforms and the promotion of hydrogen are accelerating offers towards decarbonised transports.

Rail freight carriers will find the conditions for access to the port of Port-La Nouvelle’s rail network as well as a model of contract here.