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Choose the Region OCCITANIE Midi-Pyrénées, in France

EThe region Occitanie / Midi-Pyrénées is the 2nd largest French region in terms of area (72,724 km2) and the 5th most populated region (5.8 million inhabitants). It consists of 13 departments, with two European-sized metropolises : Toulouse and Montpellier. It enjoys a strategic location between Europe and the Mediterranean. The Occitanie is the 4th host region for foreign investment projects in France. Investors will find there excellent logistics infrastructure to optimize their supply-chains : 4 motorways, 3 commercial ports, 10 airports, railway highways, 2900 km of railway tracks and multimodal platforms.

EIn 2021, France welcomed 1,607 foreign investment projects, comong from sixty. Two-thirds of these projects comes from European companies. France’s attractiveness was seen particularly in industry. Manufacturing projects were up in 2021 (+49%), accounting for 29% of investments and 36% of jobs generated. [source INVEST IN France]

Land resources within the Port area / industrial and logistics zones

EThe port development plans to propose 70 hectares of land for investors willing to implement industrial or logistics sites. Projects must carry significant maritime flows. The land resources are close to the deep-sea terminals. They are of great interest in optimizing the approach of goods in terms of costs, time and more generally to benefit from the best possible maritime interface. The “rail-port” area will facilitate rail shipments in the heart of the new infrastructure. In addition, Port-La Nouvelle is 10 minutes from the SIGEAN Motorway Entrance. The access road that connects the A9 to the Port bypasses the SIGEAN urban area for more safety and one part of the road is a double highway. Project owners will finally find in Port-La Nouvelle an ecosystem committed to new ways of producing and consuming energy. The SEMOP aims to build a hub that cares about a modern transition to a decarbonised world.

Land Resources near the Port

EThe OCCITANIE Midi-Pyrénées Region offers a variety of land opportunities to enable investors take advantage of its strengths. They are marketed by the regional development agency AD’OCC and are often integrated into Regional Parks of Economic Activities (PRAE). PRAE can benefit from specific developments (access ways, network of utilities, fiber-optic…) and administrative supports that bring real added value, especially for foreign investors. Other lands are owned by the Communities of Commons or municipalities. They can also be subject of special fittings and administrative accompaniments.

The list below shows a selection of land areas close to the port and directly accessible by the A9 Motorway.

Agence AD’OCC (Regional Economic Development Agency)

• Several Regional Parks of Economic Activities available.
• Contact : M Pascal EHRHARDT – Head of Development
• Tel +33 (0) 4 67 22 94 77 –

Communautés d’agglomération du Grand Narbonne

• Land areas within the vicinity of Narbonne
• Tel + 33 (0) 4 11 23 22 59 (Poste 22.59)

Communautés d’agglomération de Carcassonne

• Sustainable development, environmental and architectural quality standards.
• Contact : Mme Mina ZOURGANE – Director of Economic Development

Communauté de Communes de la Région LEZIGNANAISE CORBIERES & MINERVOIS

• Gradual development (2021 > 2026) of an area of 30 hectares
• Contact : M Alain AZAIS, Deputy General Manager for Territorial Development
• Tel + 33 (0) 4 68 27 03 35 –