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Key figures of Port-La Nouvelle

Port-la-Nouvelle is a versatile port. The main traffic consists of liquid bulk, out of which petroleum products for 62% of the tonnage operated. Dry bulk and general cargoes, mainly raw materials and primary products account for 18% of the annual tonnage. Cereals currently constitute 20% of the port activity.

Over the past 3 years (2016> 2018) petroleum products increased by +7.5% and dry bulk commodities by +14.5%. Cereals decrease by 30% over this period. The Fusarium observed during the last season has considerably reduced the exports and distorted the general statistics. Indeed, cereal trade is subject to unpredictable variations from one year to the next depending on the quantity of crops, their quality and the demand of the purchasing countries. The statistical impact can vary from simple to double. For example, 825 000 t of cereals were exported in 2011 (38% of port tonnage) and 320 000 tonnes in 2018 (19%).


The total tonnage operated in 2018 was down 3%, while the statistic is up + 1.06 % with the cereal exports excluded. The year was marked by a 19% drop in cereal exports following the appearance of Fusarium wilt on many crops. Bulk liquids increased by + 5.5%.. Taxable ship’s volume increased + 0.8%. In 2018, Port-la-Nouvelle went from the 16th to the 15th place of the French maritime continental ports. As a reminder, the activity in 2017 was up + 4.86% after a previous raise of + 8.42% in 2016.