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Key figures of Port-La Nouvelle

Port-La Nouvelle is known globally for two main sources of cargo. Petroleum products constitute approximately 50 % of the Port’s total activity, and cereals represent about one third. The annual tonnage of grain can vary depending on global harvest weather conditions in France, but also in the other grain producing countries delivering the same market than Port-La Nouvelle. The volume of trade between supply and demand therefore changes each year. Dry bulk (mainly fertilizers, minerals, cement, derivated fuel, clinker and agricultural products) and conventional goods (forest products, steel, bagged cargoes, heavy lifts …) represent approximately 20 to 30 % of the port activity. Port movement of these goods, primarily involving raw materials or primary products, has shown a steady increase in recent years.


The total tonnage operated in 2018 was down 3%, while the statistic is up + 1.06 % as soon as cereal exports are not included. The year was marked by a 19% drop in cereal exports following the appearance of Fusarium wilt on many crops. Bulk liquids increased by + 5.5%. and the taxable volume of vessels increased + 0.8%. In 2018, Port-la-Nouvelle went from the 16th to the 15th place of the French maritime ports. As a reminder, the activity in 2017 was up + 4.86% after a previous raise of + 8.42% in 2016.