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Edible and industrial liquids

Port facilities
  • 1 berth for ships of max 145 m long x 22 m wide x 8 m draft, linked to FOSELEV, EPPLN and DPPLN.
  • 1 additionnal berth (shared between Grain and Liquid activities) for ships of max 145 m long x 22 m wide x 8 m draft, linked to DPPLN terminal.

Port operator

FOSELEV LOGISTIQUE is an independent privately owned operator, and a subsidiary of the FOSELEV Group which specialises in industrial services (64 locations in France and Africa). The site covers 10 hectares. There are 2 manifolds for loading / unloading at berth and 39 tanks for storage on shore for a total storage capacity of 80,000 m3 (abt 600,000 hectoliters). It includes 6 tanks x 1,000 m3 in stainless steel 316 L, 24 tanks in stainless steel 304L (7 x 2,350 m3 + 15 x 1,300 m3 + 2 x 500 m3) and 9 carbon steel tanks (4 x 5,000 m3 + 5 x 2,350 m3) . The terminal is connected to the rail line.

DPPLN, (Dépôt Pétroliers de Port-La Nouvelle). Subsidiary of DYNEFF Group, this terminal is primary a biodiesel hub and receive other industrial liquids. The 45,000 m3 facility consists of 10 tanks used for reception, storage and distribution of biofuels, also offering blending and mixing services.